We are Ireland’s no. 1 baby sign language organisation, dedicated to bringing quality baby sign classes and resources to the parents of Ireland and their little ones by teaching babies and toddlers to communicate easily and effectively through sign language before they can talk.

Logo_TMBaby sign language is for all babies. SuperHands are teaching the babies of Ireland to effectively communicate using sign language before they can even talk.

Using Irish sign language (ISL) SuperHands show parents and babies a series of simple signs that they can use at home together. So your baby could tell you “I’m hungry”, “I want my milk” or “I see a doggie!” as early as 7 or 8 months.

SuperHands is Ireland’s leading baby sign company with classes expanding to all areas of the country. Founder, Miriam Devitt, is excited about the developments in early childhood education and can’t wait to sign with you and your baby.

Babies are such bright little things and are keen to share their thoughts with you. Unfortunately for them the complex set of muscles required to speak don’t develop until long after they want to chat with you. However, the fine muscles in their hands are ready for action far sooner. Babies naturally start using symbolic gestures such as pointing, nodding and waving, and baby sign language is a way of introducing a wider range of simple gestures which your baby will enjoy using with you.



There are many benefits to signing with your baby, let us outline a few.

Baby sign language can:

  1. Reduce tantrums and frustration, allowing your baby to feel (s)he is understood
  2. Increase the bond between parent and baby
  3. Accelerate speech; baby signers tend to talk earlier than non signers
  4. Let parents have a better understanding of their baby’s wants, needs and personality
  5. Enhance baby’s self-expression, confidence and self-esteem
  6. Stimulate intellectual development and improve memory
  7. Be a lot of fun!

So come along to a SuperHands baby sign language class, one of the only baby sign classes in Ireland, and enjoy learning sign with your baby. We will sing songs and say poems to help you and your little one remember those clever signs. Afterwards you can relax with a tea or coffee, and a biscuit or two.